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Fly Fishing Classes 2015 Schedule

If you want to advance your skills and get more effective on the water in 2015 Water Time Outfitters team of expert instructors has a great line-up of classes schools and seminars to help you make the most of your time on the water.  Here is our 2015 calendar of upcoming events.  We’d love to help you!  Come join us!

Beginning Fly Fishing Class – Clackamas River  $75     (Click here for more details)
Jun 27
Jun 30
July 11
Aug 19
Aug 22
Sept 26
Beginning Fly Fishing Lakes Class $130   (Click here for more details)
April 18
May 23
Jun 13
Beginning Fly Fishing Class – Deschutes River  $140   (Click here for more details)
May 27 6-8 pm in shop & May 30 on water
Jun 10   6-8 pm in shop & Jun 13 on water
Jul 15    6-8 pm in shop & Jul 17 & or 18 on water
Aug 5    6-8pm in shop & Aug 8 on water
Sept 16 6-8pm in shop & Sept 18 & or 19 on water
Winter Steelhead Workshop – Clackamas River     (Click here for more details)
Jan 24
April 4th
Winter Steelhead Tune-Up  $40   (Click here for more details)
Dec 13, 2014
Jan 10
Feb 21
Mar 21
Fly Fishing Lakes Tour – details and fees to be determined

May 4-8

Royal Treatment Fly Shop- Winter Steelhead – The Missing Peices
Dec 13, 2014  10-11:30  FREE!
Jan 10
Feb 21
Mar 21
Royal Treatment Fly Shop – Trout Seminars
April 11- Rob Crandall
April 25- Marc Williamson  (Seminar and Fly Tying) 
May 2 Gil Muhleman
Portland Sportsman’s Show- Steelhead River and Fly Fishing Theater
Feb 4-8  Rob Crandall
Water Time Outfitters is an Oregon based company offering guided fly fishing trips, classes and workshops on some of Oregon’s finest waters.  See more about our company at: 

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