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Fall Steelhead on the Deschutes River

October on the Deschutes is the fall steelhead fisherman’s favorite.  Amazing canyon views meet the eye and the excitement of whitewater gets your attention but the line ripping thrill of hooking steelhead is really what gets the anglers heart pounding!  Water Time Outfitters offers guided multi-day fly fishing trips for steelhead on the Deschutes River’s most remote waters.  Here we see deer, mink, otter, geese, ducks, and bighorn sheep.  This wild section of canyon is very different from the busier waters of the lower Deschutes.  Here big rapids like the three mile long Whitehorse Rapid limit the amount of boaters in this 32 mile segment.  Excellent steelhead runs stretch out before you with columnar basalt cliffs high above.  See more about this trip at:

Recent Photos from October:

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