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Fall Salmon Fishing and Busted Rods

If there ever was a more feirce battle of dogged determination and deep throbbing- rod wrenching fun it is from the standoff between the fly angler and an angry fall salmon.  Fall chinook or the notorious Chum salmon both are known for their tackle testing brute power and are a blast to go after with the fly rod.

This season WTO guides are offering trips for catch & release chum salmon and trophy chinook fishing in the Tillamook area that is sure to test your tackle.  Come join us on Oregon’s Tillamook area rivers.  We will be floating some of Oregon’s best salmon rivers in a Clackacraft drift boat and can accomodate up to three anglers per boat. Look for best dates from Nov 2-15.  

Most fishing is done with a #8 or #9 weight rod but a #10 weight is not too heavy.  Flies are often bright and flashy and expect to be using deep sinking sink tips or other tricks we have in the bag to get the fly deep where bright chinook and chums like to hang out.  

Guided trips consist of full day 8-9 hour float trip, flies and required tackle.  Two guests fee is $525 and three guests fee is $700.  

For available dates and to reserve your spot call 503-704-6449 or visit .  

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