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Drift Boat Rowers Guide- A Workshop to Get you Started

Do you want to learn the best way to safely naviagate NW rivers?  If you have a new boat, drift boat, raft or pontoon boat and want to learn; this specialty rowing workshop is for you.

Learn to manage your new boat with safety and confidence.  Water Time Outfitters guides and pro guide Rob Crandall have rowed drift boats for a lifetime and can teach you techniques you need to safely navigate NW waters with confidence in your boat.

Learn the basics of boat safety, reading water and rowing technique with this special 4 hour course specifically designed just for you.  Learn about boat handling, anchoring safely, trailering, launching, loading balance and much more.
This info packed session is held on the close to Portland on the Clackamas River. Learn from our years of rowing and fishing experience.  Save yourself frustration and difficulties and learn from the pros.
Four hour class session is only $205 for one or two people.
Call or email Rob Crandall to schedule your session today: 503-704-6449

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