Deschutes Summer Trout Trip Special

Fly fishing for the Deschutes native Redband trout is an adventure not to be missed!

We just finished another summer trout trip special on the Deschutes River and it was a blast. The Deschutes is the premier river in Oregon for fishing and whitewater action and its our favorite river to fish, camp and relax. I love seeing people catching fish; that connection to nature is so important and often missing in most folks busy daily lives. There’s something about being knee deep that helps us be more grounded, compassionate and perhaps better connected to the world around us.

This last trip, part of our group was a father and his two sons. The boys are 16 and 18 years old and busy with life at that age; this trip was the perfect time for dad to connect and make meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. Not only did they learn fly fishing and how to hook, fight and land beautiful wild trout they also were blown away by the immense river canyon, the rapids and they also had a blast jumping into the river at “hawk rock”. This unique rock feature looks like the beak of a hawk extending out over a deep calm pool- the perfect place to jump off for an afternoon swim!

River Pic
The Deschutes River canyon is filled with history.

The Fishing: Trout on the Deschutes average a strong 14″ with some fish up to 20″. These fish are solid, strong fighters that in our opinion would whip any Montana trout. The oxygenated waters of the Deschutes average a steady 6 mph. Combine that with a heady diet of protein, and these feisty fish put up a good battle. We often see good to excellent hatches of caddis. These fluttering moth-like insects are a staple in the trout’s daily diet this time of year. We fish dries in pockets, riffles and eddies, often spotting big bruisers. When the dry fly action is not on – working subsurface with nymphs is deadly.

River Camp
Camp on the river is comfortable and relaxed.

We’ve got a few spots left on this amazing three day trip. If you want to get your feet wet and feel more grounded, connected and perhaps just focus on something fun- come join us!

Find out more info today by emailing me at:

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