Deschutes River Euro Nymphing Class

Euro Nymphing

Join Water Time Outfitters guides on the Deschutes River for the best on water class on Euro Nymphing!

Euro nymphing is the most productive trout tactic for mid summer. This technique produces amazing trout fishing results with such predictability it’s a miracle for the fishing guide! We love this because our guests are always going to catch fish and sometimes lots of them! Now- we are offering a special class to teach you how to do it!


Come join us for a day on the Deschutes with our full immersion class into Euro Nymphing.

We will meet in the river town of Maupin, OR at 8am and convoy to the river. Class begins with rigging rods, fly selection, and knot tying. We will head to the water and teach using the VAK method. Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic examples will help every student become a true euro nymphing machine! Starting with casting, rod position, and drift. Everyone will have ample time to Receive, Reflect, and React to the information given. Everybody will have ample one-on-one time with our instructors. After lunch we will convoy to specific types of water to dive deeper into the art and subtleties of euro nymphing. Class will conclude with round table questions and one on one positive evaluation of what has been achieved and what to work on.

This class is 6 hours on Aug 20 or Aug 21 with some of the best hands-on learning you can find! Equipment can be provided when scheduled in advance with your instructor.

What you’ll take with you- a great experience, new fly fishing skills, a pile of great spots to go fishing on the Deschutes and a new technique you can use for a lifetime!

Book your class and take your fishing to the next level!

Cost $195 per person and spots fill fast!

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The summer doldrums can leave you wondering why sweat it our in the heat? Isn’t fishing slow when it’s hot out? Are water temps too hot for trout? We’ve been out on the Deschutes River fishing from Warm Springs to Maupin and fishing has been excellent! Water temperatures in this section of the river are the coolest of the lower 100 miles and trout are doing well. We are finding a good number of 16-18″ rainbows this year with some even larger. Follow along here and we’ll share with you some of the best trout fishing you may have never know about!

It truly was amazing, the guys had stood in one spot for nearly an hour and caught fish almost the whole time! They had multiple triples and lots of doubles. We were standing on a riffle in the amazing Deschutes River canyon with not a soul around and they were catching lots of amazing wild trout.

If you thought trout fishing was done for the summer- think again! Water temps at the dam near Warm Springs have been a cool 56 degrees – perfect for trout! What is different now than it was years past is the massive hatches that we used to see in mid-summer have dwindled from poor management at the dam (See Deschutes River Alliance for more info on that). The fish are still there even if the dry fly action is not as good. What does that mean?

Euro Nymphing – come join the class!

Water Time Outfitters is a full time guide service operating in Oregon.  Our goal is to surpass your expectations with expert fun loving guides and instructors so you can focus on your love of fly fishing, maximize success and take home memories that last a lifetime!

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