Deschutes Chromers

Steelhead fishing is full swing on the Deschutes river and the fishing has been great.  Each day on the water is a fresh new opportunity to find more steelhead and getting a steelhead to take the swung fly is one of the best fly fishing experiences there is!  If you haven’t done it you certainly must try. 

Steelhead are spread out in the entire lower river.  Water conditions have been stable with good flows and clarity. 

Thank you to all the particpants of our Deschutes river steelhead workshops this season.  You guys were great!  We plan to offer more sessions next year. 

Wild fires have created a lot of smoke in the canyon earlier in September and the lightning storms of late August really started a lot of fires.  The Razorback Fire was quite destructive upriver from Maupin.  Most of the fires are out now and we are still discovering new areas that have burned. 

Be safe on the water and experience the “swung fly Steelhead”!

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