Intro to Fly Casting Class

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The core of fly fishing is fly casting because the cast is the action that carries your fly to the fish.

The more water you effectively and efficiently cover, the more times you show your fly to the fish, the more fish you are going to catch.

The pre-requisite for success is understanding The Principles of Fly Casting, as developed by Lefty Kreh and Ed Javorasky (National Advisors to Temple Fork Outfitters). You must develop the muscle memory, the knowledge and ability to cast in different ways under different circumstances and conditions.

To become a successful fly caster you must also apply the Three “P”s; Practice, Patience and Persistence

In these classes you will learn the following:


  • Discussion of Rod, Reel, Line, Leader
  • The Basic Principles of Fly Casting
  • Description of Loops
  • Grip Options
  • Pick Up and Lay Down Cast
  • Roll Cast
  • Shooting Line


  • Continued discussion of The Basic Principles
  • Review beginning skills
  • Single and Double Haul


  • Two Handed Casting on Single Handed Rod
  • Distance Casting
  • Techniques to accommodate different weather conditions
  • Techniques to accommodate water types as well as lakes and rivers

Our guarantee: We will work hard so you can learn as much as possible in this class on the great sport of fly fishing lakes. We will do our best to see that everyone catches fish and has an enjoyable day.

We will provide the following:

  • Fly rod, reel, and line
  • Handout of the Principles of Fly Casting

What you need to bring:

  • Paper and pen as there will be piles of great information
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

Where: Westmoreland Park Pool, unless otherwise decided

Date: To be agreed upon with instructor and student

Time: To be agreed upon with instructor and student

Details: Pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. Class size is limited to be sure to book your spot in advance.

Fee: $35 per person, per hour

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