Clackamas Summer Steelhead- Special Half Day Trips

Clackamas Steelhead
Clackamas Steelhead fishing with Water Time Outfitters

Clackamas River summer  steelhead fishing July through September is close to Portland and during the best time of year!  Experience the beauty of western Oregon’s scenery at its peak.  Green valleys and forests, blue sky days, flowers in bloom, birds singing their morning song and steelhead in our local river-what’s not to love?  This year’s steelhead projections are not looking that great on the Deschutes River but things are looking pretty good on the Clackamas.  Kind of the exception looking around the state biologist Todd Alsbury reported to me; “The Clack is looking pretty good!”  We have both spring chinook (which don’t spawn until late August) and summer steelhead in the Clackamas river right now.  The great thing about these summer steelhead is they won’t be spawing until late January/February; that means they provide lots of opportunity for us anglers.

As  guy who grew up on the Clackamas chasing these fish from a young age I can say I dearly love these crazy fighting fish!  They are a blast and are often very aggressive to the swung fly.

During the summer these fish enter the Clackamas all season.  The trick with it is the water gets very warm as the season progresses.  This means that we alter our approach.  We start super early and get off the water early.  This leaves you plenty of time to the rest of your day and you experience one of lifes treasures- early morning summer hours on a favorite river.

Clackamas River half day specials are July- August.  Call today for availability!  503-704-6449

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