Clackamas River Update

The Clackamas River has been running high; recent heavy rains combined with melting snow on lower hills have raised levels substancially.  Last week water levels reached flood stage at over 19′ at the Estacada gauge.  Now its late for coho and we are seeing the last remants of spawning fall chinook this season.  We are now in a bit of a lull as we await the chrome rockets of winter.  First arriving winter steelhead are typically the Eagle Cr. hatchery stock.  These fish peak late December early January.  This stock will be switching to the Clackamas strain fish in the next several years with peak returns in February.  Next year will be an overlap of both stocks so might be a good year to fish the creek!

Today’s water level:  14.74′

Today’s water temp: 45 degrees

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