Clackamas River Steelhead

Steelhead fishing on the Clackamas river for May and early June will consist mainly of the summer steelhead stocked by ODFW.  This strain of fish is a hard fighting, acrobatic steelhead identifiable by the fin clip markings they received at the hatchery before release.  The Clackamas summer steelhead markings are easily recognized by an adipose fin clip and a maxillary fin clip.

Summer steelhead first enter the Clackamas river as early as March and will continue to trickle into the river system through the summer months.

Lately the Clackamas river has been running a fairly warm 52 degrees with a flow around 12’4″ at Estacada. Chrome summer steelhead are caught on swung flies this time of year and aggressive takes are the norm.
Favorite fly pattern colors are black/blue, red, black & black & cerise.  See more info at:

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