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Clackamas River Report

Winter hatchery broodstock numbers are winding down with a mix of wild fish still spread through the system.  River levels have been at a spring low of 12’5″ recently.  Water temperatures have been rising and are consistently 44-48 degrees.  Insect activity is picking up and hatches of new insects appear most days with a salmonfly or two in the recent mix.  Smolt are outmigrating in big numbers.  Osprey have showed up and are working them over hard.  Barbless hooks are best for this time of year!  
Summer steelhead are a bit slow in arriving this year.  Hopefully strong numbers show up soon.  Reports of a few Chinook entering the Clackamas have been rumored.  
Algae is starting to grow on the rocks so bring your spikes for wading!
For more info on fishing the Clackamas River visit: 

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