Clackamas River Fishing Update

Fishing has been consistent in April on the Clackamas River.  We’ve been getting into fish everyday.  We are fishing both swung fly strategies and indicator techniques.  Both are working.  We have wild winter steelhead, broodstock hatchery steelhead and early summer steelhead in the river right now. 

With water flows up and down we are watching for good flow levels to get on the river.  The weather has been much warmer and the water temperatures are slowly increasing and now reaching around 45.  Canadian Geese are paired up and are all over the river banks.  We’ll soon be seeing their fuzzy little offspring.  Each day we are seeing bald eagles.  Earlier in the week two deer crossed the river right in front of us. 

Spring is here and the colors are vivid as the green buds bloom out on river foliage.  It’s a great time of year to be fishing the Clackamas River. 

Come join the fun for a great river float and fishing adventure:

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