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Clackamas River Fishing Report

Fishing has been good on the Clackamas river chasing the chromers of early spring!  The weather has been mostly agreeable with some ups and downs on the water levels this month but we haven’t seen a blowout of muddy water the entire month.  Chrome bright fish are arriving daily.  Some days there are more fish around than others and each day a good amount of hunting is often required to find silver.  The fish we see in the month of April in the Clackamas are often a mix of steelhead stocks.  Wild fish chrome bright are still arriving as well as some of the hatchery broodstock based on these wild fish.  The other stock of fish trickling in this year are the summer steelhead.  These robust fighters are often unlandable as they are incredibly acrobatic and balistic fighters!

Fishing the Clackamas River we use a swung fly strategy with spey rods.  Spey casting is a fun and enjoyable way to cover a lot of water fast.  Water temps have been mostly in the 40 degrees range and we typically employ fast sinking tips on the end of Skagit head fly lines.

We use a jet boat on the Clackamas river to cover a range of the best runs quickly.  See more about fishing the Clackamas River with

Here are a few photos of lucky anglers who landed steelhead on the swung fly this April on the Clackamas River.

Tanner Crandall our “7 year old guide in training…”

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