Bonneville Dam Steelhead Count July 2022 Great News!

Steelhead Count July 2022
Hello Fly Anglers,
It’s looking like a HOT week ahead with temperatures between 100-113 degrees depending on where you are and that means tough conditions for trout and steelhead. This hot weather warms our local waters and makes reviving fish tough. Please be sure to handle fish quickly, keep them wet and focus your efforts on early morning fishing as much as possible.
Let’s take a look at the Steelhead Count July 2022
Bonneville Dam Steelhead Count July 26, 2022
Steelhead Numbers Continue to Climb
As of this morning the Steelhead Count for July 2022 at Bonneville dam continue to follow close to the 10 year average run. Yesterday there were 1951 steelhead that passed over Bonneville. In the graph above the RED line is showing this year’s run. The BLACK line is the 10 year average and the BLUE line is last year’s run.
We will see what happens next, this is no guarantee but it is a good sign and it means the run has passed the minimum threshold required to open the season this year.
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