Bananas Can’t Stop Coastal Steelhead

With heavy rain to start the day off we launched the boat on one of our favorite March streams.  With not one person around we wondered about our sanity as we floated down river.  Why is no one here?  Is this supposed to be a terrible storm and we missed the report?  With heads down and our hoods up we slogged through the first few holes with out a single tug. 

A slow morning start and driving rain the outlook was starting to seem as gray as the sky.  Then Henry pulled out a morning snack.  A BANANA of all things!  Now as many may know there has long been a distinct animosity between fishing guides and banannas in the boat.  Many urban legends talk of banannas effectively killing any bite.  Many salmon fishing guides host “No Banana” stickers in their boat. 

Imagine our dismay when we realized the bananna on board was killing our morning fishing in the wild, windy driving rain. 

After eating that morning banana, things began to change.  We started hooking fish, the sun came out, angels sang and we landed some dandy steelhead!  So if you ever find a banana in your boat, quickly dispose of it, wash your hands and get back to fishing. 

Henry learns about Bananna fishing legends

Kirk’s biggest wild steelhead
Henry’s big one!

Gabe’s first steelhead!
Come join the fun.

                                                                      Rob Crandall

The Tug is the drug.
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