Annual Deschutes River Father Son Fishing Trip

Father Son Fishing Trip on the Deschutes River is an annual event for the Water Time Outfitters team.

We just wrapped up one of my favorite trips of the year our Deschutes River Father Son Fishing Trip!  Time on the Deschutes making memories with kids that will last a a lifetime and sometimes literally change the course of their life. We just did our annual Father Son Family Special jet boat fishing trip on the lower Deschutes river in central Oregon and it was a blast

It was an action packed couple days. We caught trout on fly rods, jumped off cliffs (low ones) into the river, went on a hike to see Native American paintings in a historic Central Oregon canyon, relaxed in the riverside shade and saw some awesome wildlife.  The annual Deschutes River Father Son Fishing Trip is fun packed adventure in the wild river corridor.

Hiking on the Deschutes River canyon.

For animals we saw bighorn sheep, deer including spotted fawns, golden eagles, osprey, blue heron, raccoons, wild turkeys and more! It was a great opportunity for today’s youth to connect with and encounter the great outdoors.

Deschutes River Jet Boat ride
An action packed jet boat ride on the Deschutes River is part of the annual Father Son Fishing Trip.

Fish, camp, relax and make memories! If that sounds good to you we are starting our waiting list for next year.  You can email me at: [email protected] to get on the list.  Many thanks to the fathers and grandfathers that made this year’s event a success!

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