2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide

2022 Fly Fishing Gift Guide
Gifts for the fly fisherman that will make memories of a lifetime!

2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide

The 2022 fly fisherman gift guide is full of great gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for fly fishing angler on your list.

2022 Fly Fishing Gift Guide
The Crandall’s Provider is a top producer. This fly catches big trout, steelhead, coho, chinook and chum salmon.









2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide- Top Flies

For 2022 fly fishing gift the first item has to be FLIES.  This is the backbone of any fly fishing adventure.  What fly is going to catch the fish?

We encourage you to search out your local fly shop in your area and ask for the best collection for your local water.

You could also buy flies on POSTFLY.com.

We recommend our best flies for the steelhead angler with our Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Kit this has two of each pattern of all the very best flies used by the guides at Water Time Outfitters who are on the water almost daily-they know what works.

2022 Fly Fishing Gift Guide

Fly Fishing experiences for young and old alike are so fun. Classes, Workshops and trips can change your life!

2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide – Give Priceless Experiences – Take Home the Memories!

Give the gift of time- that is “water time” and priceless experiences that will be cherished memories.  Learn to fly fish, take a jet boat ride and fish for steelhead, join a family fishing adventure group on the Deschutes River and much more!

Family  River Trip Summer Special

Join us for a family oriented river trip! Fishing, camping and boating on the Deschutes River an experience custom made for families. This two-day epic adventure down the Deschutes River just may inspire that love of nature that will last a lifetime in your family.

Learn how to fly fish for wild rainbow trout, go swimming in calm pools, enjoy whitewater rapids in our stable jet boats and relax in a great camp with the comforts of home on the river. We’ll serve hot BBQ shore lunches and have a huge filling breakfast and dinner in camp.

Fish, Camp – Connect is our goal for your family on this 2 day customized trip.

Let us take care of the work you just Take Home the MEMORIES!

Summer Family Camp – Book Now

Clackamas River Steelhead Workshop- the Bank Bound Anglers Guide to Fishing the Clackamas & Other Classes

If you want to learn where to go, when to go there and how to fish it- this class is perfect for you.  The Clackamas River Steelhead Workshop near Portland, OR is your ticket to fly fishing success.  Full day class covers the river map, fishing hot spots, hands on coaching on how-to fishing techniques, the updated fish run information and much more!

Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class

This class has something for every caster from beginner to expert. Our expert guides and instructors will give you the hands on tools you need to advance your skills from wherever your at with the main goal to help you catch more fish.

Drift Boat Rowing Workshop

Learn to row a drift boat safely on Oregon Rivers with private lessons from the Water Time Outfitters guide staff. Reading, water, oar strokes, boat handling, proper weight balancing and much more are all covered. This specialty, private rowing lesson gets you started safely and teaches you the skills you need for years of safe rowing enjoyment.

2- Part Fishing Class – Jet boat the Clackamas

This two part class is designed to give you the best instruction available for building your casting and fishing skills plus gives you a great shot at steelhead success!

Afternoon 1: Spey Casting Lesson and Fishing Strategies
Morning 2: Guided Fishing and Technique Coaching

First, join our guides/instructors for a 4 hour on water session where you’ll learn SKAGIT CASTING fundamentals. You’ll learn anchor placement, rod path positioning, Double Spey, Snap T, C-Spey and more in the casting segment of this class. We will also cover Spey Fishing Techniques – giving you a Five Step Formula for success. The next day we will utilize those strategies in the search for steelhead.

2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide
Fly Fishing gifts that make memories! Classes, fishing camps, workshops and more -create memories of a lifetime!

2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide  – Sunglasses

Every fly angler needs the protection of a good pair of sunglasses, these aren’t just to look cool but to protect your eyes from the sun, sun-glare on the water and those embarrassing “bad” casts that could be potentially very dangerous.  We recommend a good pair of glass lenses for the best eye protection look to COSTA Del Mar.  These are a bit spendy but they are the best made glasses out there – and they help you cut the glare on the water so you can see your fly and the fish much better!

2022 Fly Fisherman Gift Guide – Good Book

If you live in the Portland area of Oregon this book by Gary Lewis is the perfect gift for the angler near Mt. Hood!  Fishing Mount Hood Country has piles of great places to go close to home.  The number of drive to spots and short hikes in here is excellent with loads of places to explore that don’t get the normal crowds.  Get the gift of adventure with Fishing Mt Hood Country.

Every Fly Fisher Needs  Lucky Fishing Hat

Our #1 Best Fishing Hat, High-Tech Mesh Back with the iconic Tug is the Drug® design with iconic “big fish”.  This fishing hat, is the best in comfort combined with style and fit! With our favorite mantra- The Tug is the Drug logo on front in black(ish) on black that quietly understated.

Fly Fishing Hoodies to Keep You Warm!

The Tug Is The Drug® hoodies offer the best comfort, warmth and fit; fishing sweatshirts that last.  Super thick, comfortable and like a woodstove under your raincoat, this hoodie is a favorite among those who are serious about fishing!

Great Stocking Stuffers

Get our fishing with passion decals for those hard to buy for anglers who are die-hard serious about the sport.  These are all a home run!

Steelhead Fly Fishing T-Shirt
Swing It Like You Mean It! Steelhead Fly Fishing Decal


Steelhead Sticker
Steelhead Fly Fishing – The Tug is the Drug









The Tug is the Drug!  Decals are super popular.

Gifts for Anglers
The Tug is the Drug decal is perfect for the angler who has it all.
Gifts for the angler
If you LOVE salmon fishing this is for you!














If you fly fish for steelhead or swing flies for trout this is the MUST HAVE MUG!

Fly Fishing Gift Mug

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