Month: January 2017

Over the years we’ve covered nearly every topic possible related to Oregon Fly Fishing. Whatever you’re hoping to learn, it’s probably here!

Underwater Steelhead Battle

The thrill of the battle is just one part of fly fishing that we love so dearly.  Here’s a few quick moments of a doubled over spey rod and a

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Deschutes Fall Steelhead Video

This is a quick video we did for one of our groups that has fished with us many years.  Here are a few highlights of their trip from last year.

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Wild Steelhead Release

Occasionally we encounter the most impressive fish in our quest for steelhead.  Fish that are in their prime, powerful and lively.  Here’s one of those fish, a chrome bright fresh arrival

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Winter Spey Strategies Class

Learn our 5-Step Process for dialing your fly to the proper depth for success.  This four hour session gives you the tools you need to be in the game for

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